MY Destiny?


United States
36° 25' 35.3604" N, 86° 48' 43.1712" W

Confused and scared,
I struggle through life completely unaware.
Why am I here?
When will my purpose appear?
Questions roll around in my head,
Where have I been led?
Destiny, is it real?
All these feelings I conceal.
But I am not alone,
I am being watched by the one on the Throne.
God the Almighty King,
Has lifted me and set me free.
I now have a path that lies ahead,
An inspiring passion that will never be dead.
This world throws doubts as if fiery darts,
Hurting others and damaging hearts.
My future is clear
I will not cease to steer.
Try as I might,
I could not hide my light.
I was designed to be
The best and only me.
Questions cycle again,
Where do I begin?
I finally realized in the end,
It was myself that made me contend.
Comparisons only hurt,
However, it was something I could not avert.
They call it the Achilles Heel,
But who would believe it is real?
Looking deep within my own,
I realized that it was my own actions I condone.
Perfection would never be attained,
Yet I had searched so that I may gain.
Never again will I doubt.
Instead I will use my voice to shout.
My lesson has been learned,
And MY voice will be heard.


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