8,194 Miles


United States
41° 55' 9.9156" N, 88° 8' 2.4684" W

Hovering just within my reach,
The warmth of your body
Curling around me in seductive swirls,
Eyes piercing my soul,
Whispers of your lips lingering on mine,
You stand a 8,194 miles away.
We are connected in skin
But unable to touch.
I have been frozen forever,
But you melted me into your arms.
Right now I am freezing again.
Arms outstretched towards you,
I cry your name.
God rips you from my heart,
And I have nothing to patch the wounds.
Salty, hot tears crawl on my cheeks
And your warm, calloused hands wipe them away.
But when I look up
You are a 8,194 miles away
And I cannot have you.


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