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I’m just saying this Because I love you I’m just trying to protect you I don’t think, no No, no not at all It’s not very logical
  #BecauseILoveYou I understand that there are timesThat the words do not reach,That sometimes all you need Is someone there to tell you Everything will be okay #BecauseILoveYouWhen my thoughts pull me under, grabbing my ankles, And I forget to br
The stars in the skies aligned. The infinite universe smiled. In a second, our eyes met, And everlastingly, sparks flied.   Our stardust souls intertwined.
 I really don't know what makes a healthy relationship.  I do know what I have with you is healthy.  But I can't pinpoint exactly how or why .  Maybe it's the how you open the door for me every time you get the chance.
As you lay across from me and I stare into your eyes... I ponder, Ponder how you could have chosen me with all the baggage I entail, You say I treat you like a queen and I'm the man of your dreams,
i told you she didn’t love you (because i did.) in the car on the way back from the movies, you started crying. sort of because i was singing that song.
  Warm August Sun; a clover for your hair Yearlong embrace you watch me walk away How does the saying go again? If you Love something set it free   Change is the only constant in life
A real lover isn’t one who brings you down and makes you look like a clown Instead, he clowns around with you making you laugh and smile  
Begin each day with a text "Good Morning." Every friend you have is another reason I'm not worried. Count on me if your day gets overly boring.
I love you because...   Your arms are coming home; warming me like a hearth, without the fear of its flame. Your voice is a stream;
A man and a woman as sweet as can be, A story of love and setting things free. I will never forget you, not ever says she, our story is a part of history.  
Theres a certain quality to you-- One I do not know,   Theres a little thing about you-- That I love so.  
Driving in the heat and cold, we take our time in the back roads. We sit and we laugh, sharing our gossip. We make sure to have fun even if we are opposites. You come from your family, and I come from mine.
Because I love you, I know you like the back of my hand. Because I love you, I know you will always be honest with me. Because I love you,
Do good in school because i love you. Have a good day at work, and in general because i love you. Stay out of trouble because i love you. Spend time with your family because i love you.
I am not the first Nor the second. Or third or fourth.  I am the background  A face lost in the crowd.    The lonely heart that beats on,  Hoping and dreaming
I did not know I would love you.  I did not realize my shirt was that uncomfortable, I did not realize my laugh was forced,  I did not know how I should be treated,  I did not know the importance of a quiet night.
Because I love you, I will always worry about you and question where you are at times. Because I love you, I will not judge you. Because I love you, you are a very important part of my life, therefore, I will always need you.
Because I Love You Because I love you, I will stand by your side without question. Because I love you, I will do what is best for us and not just me.
Because I love you, My heart stops when I think of you my dear, If I could hold you tenderly everything would be made clear.   Because I love you, Thinking of someone treating you bad,
Because I love you,  I promise to give you the rest of my Doritos,  I promise to laugh at your silly jokes, and I promise to remind you to drink water because I know you often forget to. Because I love you,
Because I love you I will express my feelings using words   Instead of keeping you in the dark   Because I love you I will keep an open mind to your thoughts and opinions  
Because I love you I hold on so tight I want the hugs too And I hate leaving for the night   Because I love you I respect your space I make you feel secure
the privilege of touchinganother person’s bodyconnecting skinto skin thisis the gift of aphroditesubtletya grace in touchingfingertip to palmhead to necklips to hand this poetry of silencebridge between solitudeand      something bettermingling of
Never a secret.  But not because it was a rule, rather because they wouldn’t want it any other way Never a cloudy day.
I shouldn't have to say, How much you mean to me, You can tell by the things I do, The way I talk, When I see you,  You should know, By the way my eyes light up, My lips stretch towards the sky,
Life spins in an incessant cacophony around my muddled form Never once does my love stop to ask, “Are you ok?” The simple little expression that could erase so much agony
Because I love you, you will never do the dishes. After waking me up with the smell of fresh coffee sitting next to me before you take your first sip, After dressing the children and
I bought this flower, it is beautiful just as you are, with vibrant pink petals that glimmer like a star, I love you always: near and far.   A long night on the town,
Love is beautiful like the ocean It captivates you in its waves Of passion and beauty It should not captivate you In fear or pain
I love everything about you I love your eyes I loveyour smile I love your laugh and the way you hide your smile when I make you blush I love the way your eyes light up I notice these things
Love is strong. Love is forgiving. Love is thinking every waking moment with that special someone is winning Love doesn't harm. Love doesn't abuse. Love doesn't make you wonder, "What's the use?"
I turn from you There is no anger Just patience You stay You do not show me how you love me under sheets or with your mouth You show me tenderness-- softness like petals Safe
Love is feeling the wind fall through your hands. Love is knowing that permission is not needed, but wanted. Love is having respect and trust.  Trust to let them decide their own fate. Trust to make choices.
Because I love you i won’t control you. Because i love you i will instead support you. I will be the shoulder you cry on.   As that one cheesy line goes.
True love is bringing me my favorite chocolate filled donut in the morning, Not because I asked, but because he was thinking about me in the donut shop.  
"Because I love you, I'm trying to protect you. But using me for sex, fighting with me, and leaving wasn't love. Throwing me around the bedroom like a ragdoll during sex, was NOT love
it never took much for me to fall for your honey-kissed eyes, those rose painted lips, that ear-to-ear smile. all it took was that one moment
I remember quiet excited embers sparking lonely hearts, dismembered defences left us breathless, We were open and restless our connection helped us distress and explore more than gore
I am never alone For when I am by myself My thoughts are with you   I am never afraid Because when I have fear I know you will comfort me
When I look into your eyes, I see my best friend I see a part of myself and how over time we have started to mend. When I look at you, I see my number one supporter and fan
When I look into your eyes, I see my best friend  I see a part of myself and how over time we have started to mend. When I look at you, I see my number one supporter and fan
All I want is a true love. Someone honest, with integrity. Not a liar, whose so corrupt. He should have the honor of a true knight. A heart of gold would do too!
what is healthy? eating right, smiling, laughing, vibing to what you feel is right? what is love? being sure without knowing glowing showing signs of intoxication but sober
His hands were blades He had no problems pressing them into me I knew it would hurt but I stayed No one has ever touched me so deep   explaining that scars he left Were romantic
stop referring to my body as a temple because temples get desecrated and stolen from and i  can’t lose anymore of myself.  my roots are still reaching out to take back the things you’ve stolen from me.
You kept me on a lease like a dog.  I would come to your whistle as your body lay slouched into our couch. No, MY couch. The couch I had bought at the flea market that Saturday.
Because I loved You I didn't wanna be clingy Because I loved you I didn't wanna tell you I did Because I loved you I wanted you to be happy Because I didn't know I loved you, I tried to move on
It's because I love you. My breath is taken away at every glance of your face, I am excited every time a smile is due to me, I want to support you everyday To always make your pain go away,  
Because I love you, I hit you, Only to put you in your place. Because I love you, I want you to text me every day, I don't want you to text anyone else. Because I love you,
Because I love you, you should text me all the time. Be there for me, even when you need someone too. Because I love you, I want you to travel 10,000 miles to see me.
Thanks for letting yourself back into my life.    The beats of the music you sent me  swing in my mind like a pendulum  they envelop my mind, 
"Because I love you..." he always said, Once I asked him why I should stay. "Because I love you" was an excuse, trapping me in a living hell, Making me stay, throughout all of the abuse.
the love is not seen by the eye the love is not heard by the vibrations slamming into your ear it is not felt by the mere tips of your fingers but rather, your soul.
Because I love you,  Your happiness is infectious. I can't help but smile when you smile. Because I love you, I wish you all the best. Your dreams, Your hopes, Your aspirations,
You leave the house And I do not worry Where you’re going. Trust.   I’m not comfortable with Your hand trailing my thigh. You stop. Respect.   I can’t speak
Because I love you....I know when to let go so you can spread your wings and fly. Because I Love you...I will never lay my hands on you and I will never put you down.
The day I met you, was the day I knew The day that I met you, I was in love. The day that I met you, you were so new I thought you were sent to me from above.   The words I love you, mean so much to me
Because I love you, you leave me in awe, You are in my thoughts all day, every day I willingly endure your every flaw And prove my love to you in every way.   I kiss the ground you walk on; every step,
I was never good at relationships. But you Jay are the one I love. And because I love you, I will let you be who you are. Because I love you, I won't ask you who you're with evey day.
veins traverse hands clasped together  like the roads of our last midnight trip old scars painted over knuckles and fingers like the healing words passing through lips
Because I love you, I promise I will be there when you need me. Because I love you, I promise to remain honest with you. Because I love you, I will be patient and kind.
Love is about kindness, accepting that nobody is perfect. Love is looking at someone and admitting they drive you crazy, but still thinking they are wonderful. When you say, 'I love you,'
I text.  You look. 3 dots appear. K. I say ¨I love you¨. No connection.  A laugh, nothing else. The cupcake phase is over.  But the real stage we were suppose to be in.
I text.  You look. 3 dots appear. K. I say ¨I love you¨. No connection.  A laugh, nothing else. The cupcake phase is over.  But the real stage we were suppose to be in.
Love has always been a game with you You think you can just say i love you And get with your way with me Like you always try to do But you always push pass my barriers You just don't understand what i want
What’s the name of that song? That made us dance all night long. What’s the name of that band? The night I reached out for your hand. Do you remember the lyrics? The moment we shared our first kiss.
What’s the name of that song? That made us dance all night long. What’s the name of that band? The night I reached out for your hand. Do you remember the lyrics? The moment we shared our first kiss.
When the wind is as cold as it blows against my skin I feel warmth as your arms envelope me. I know you love me. When I tremble in fright as the flashbacks cloud my mind. I hear your gentle voice beside me.
He does not deserve you And you deserve someone better. You deserve someone Who can see the fire in your eyes.
Love does not come with ease But affection is not the hard part If its your soulmate you want to please You must want to work for their heart   Without complaint Without attitude
I went to the hospital today.   Defeated in my protest, dragged ragged sandals hidden under threadbare denim seams over the ash and gravel littered parking lot, 
Because I love you, You should never fear what life has in store for you. You shouldn’t fear failure, Because in my eyes you’ll always be number one.
(What Abby thought was "love") (What I know is not "love")   ABBY: I love you JOE: I love you too
The Day we met I believed in “Love at first sight” I knew nothing other than the color of your eyes The shape of your lips And the rhythm of your voice The Day we went on our first date I knew that this was right.
What is the word love  something created a work from above love is an emotion  not a controller  love is a feeling not a beating love is colorful but its not black and blue
In the corner of an empty room, I sat with a cake, a key, and a hundred dollar bill and didn't budge once. In the living room, I laid on the floor and swallowed all the knives from the kitchen.
Because you love me. Despite Color, Class, Parents You see past it all You see me I see you For who we are And what we have Because I Love You
Because I love you I will let you have your space, I will leave room for you to grow in your own mind, It is my responsibility that you are your most important relationship,
Tonight I cried  My arms wrapped around my pillow Tonight I was thinking of you  And how every time I fumble  Every time I fall  Not only do you help me up, you raise me higher 
You told me that You would never hurt me. You told me that One day we would get married in June. Because you loved me. Our siblings would wear the perfect colors 
There is a piece of you that lives inside me. I know it is there because I can feel it Along the ridges of my spine
Because I love you, I will call you Dear, I will let you yell too, I will ignore my fears. Because I love you, I will hold in these tears, I will smile for you, I will call for help.
Because I love you, I'll see it through  It will always be true  Because I love you, I wanna make you laugh and then I know it'll last  Because I love you, I don't want to fight
Because I love you, I won't be mad that you ate the last bite.  Because I love you, I will be forever there to build you up, and see you see the highest of heights
We have all said it. Three words who are always together. Always hugged close together, like an invisible rope is around their waists. Three words who can make or break us.
There is no such thing as a perfectly healthy relationship. Rather, it’s within the depths of imperfection, sublimity, and disaster we find our soul mates.
because i love you, i confide in you. tell you everything, all my words are true.  because i love you, i seek attention from you.  i want your eyes on me and your heart too.   
Because I love you I don't press When secrets slip between your eyes Because I love you I wait for you to tell me Because I love you I hold you when you cry Wipe away tears with tissues
for Sofia   Last night you came over Slept over On a school night The next morning We walked in hand in hand And I got looks from my friends
It's only sometimes It'll be okay Because after all, tomorrow is another day The scars will heal and the bruises will fade But the sting of his words will always stay
Long have I loved your warm embrace, Your calm mind, and gentle pace.   The time we spend side by side, Days spent watching the rolling tide.  
What is love? “Well, love is that nice feeling you get when you share a kiss with someone.” “Love is fucking three times a day.” “Love is looking into her eyes and feeling complete.” But does that exist?
Dear Gavin -   Because I love you, Life is more simple Everything planned for the long haul and I’m never looking back  
Because I love you, you give me something that’s worth the fight Because I love you, in this world of darkness, you’re my light Because I love you, In this world of wrong, you’re my right
Because I love you, doesn't mean you have to love me But what a world it would be if our love was true. You hold the key to my heart, but someone else holds yours.
Burning red hot embers floating on the breeze Gentle caresses of peace and serenity Breath taking heart racing palms sweating Memories suspended in unending time Anger transcending to open passion
My days are busy and my nights are long But here I sit in thought of you. You whom I thought I loved; You who took my trust and crumbled it to pieces.   There was a time before I met you
I'll come over after school We'll sit on the couch and watch our shows You're silly and you make me laugh like a fool With cheeks flushed and stomach aching, you'll kiss my nose Some days make me blue
Love is when lust becomes not solely a feeling of attraction, Not an act of self-satisfaction, But rather, an act unachievable by anyone else. When fingertips are no longer human skin,
Love    I often wondered, if what we had, was what it was. Wondered if the restraints you used to chain me in place and keep me at bay, were made okay,  because at the end of the day
Because I love you, I used to wait up until I knew you were safe Because I love you, I would give you time to breathe Free souls require the wind in their hair, and I made sure to not block you from your destiny
One the first day of March we got engaged We promised to each other, all of our happy day She said "she would never let her love escape He said "my heart looks like yours they have the same shape"
Because I love you,  I give all. I trust you with everything, Big and small. I don't doubt your loyalty, Nor do I doubt your truth. I just rejoice in our love and our youth. Because I love you, 
as the faint thumping of a beating heart enters the room she         begins                       to cry her              heart is in no place to undergo stress      
LOVE IS... True to its word Insistent and firm Moving through life together Empathy in stormy weather Little things that merge and grows Encouragement that endlessly flows
We don't have a lot of time to speak, nor see each other.ButThe muscles in thorax from those that reside in my core and reachto my chest, where my fire and air are housed—you still have the keys to that house.Let me open the door for you as we ste
Your hands my mourning face caress Your words my deepest fears address A promise you voice in all of time That you will never leave my side You tell me you love me, and this I know
Because I love you, I will be your best friend first, and your significant other second. Because I love you, I will always be a phone call away.
You believe in me, and I in you. You trust in me, and I in you.   Always.   This love is freedom,  freedom to be as you are and know it's okay. You are better than okay.
You bring me flowers unexpectedly with nice gestures here and there; you love me  We get into arguments, what relationship is perfect; you love me not  You can always cheer me up when I'm sad,and not feeling worthy; you love me
My Love, We are two parts of a whole, You are the light to my dark, You are the day and I am the night, We complete one another.   My Love, You give me affection, like no one else can.
In the beginning things were grand Everything went as we planned You loved me right and were true I could not help but love you But slowly and surely, there came a day When all that was good faded away
To all the girls. With thick thighs and dreams soaring high, I love you.    To the girls. That are too raw, too pure, To be tarnished by societys choices, I love you    
Please and thank you, yes and no That is how our love should go. Kiss me, love me, hold me near Call me sweetheart, darling, dear. Like a well-watered flower, or a tree with strong roots,
Because I love you, you need not be afraid. Shut your eyes tight and block out the rest of the world while I hold you in my arms.   Because I love you, I will always be here for you.
Because I love you, I can trust you. I can tell you my darkest secrets and know they're safe. I can trust you to do what you believe is best for both of us.
This tainted angel infront of me She is a vision of beauty But her wings her tattered Her once stormy fierce eyes were now dull The tiny flickering spark of hope protected from everyone I will heal her 
I see your tears streaming down your face, Where I see beauty you see disgrace, I want to shout out to the world that you're too good for him, I know your affections are placing your life on a limb,
It's the way your hair falls in your face Because you refuse to get it cut And the glimmer in your eyes Every morning when we wake up It's the little things that make you perfect
Because I love you, I respect your boundaries. When you say you are uncomfortable, I stop completely. “No” is a demand, not a suggestion.
I have a past full of problems, too much baggage to carry. Enter the man, big and tall and... a bit fluffy? Not at all what I had pictured love to look like
Because I Love You... I will trust you. I will support you even when I don't understand. I will be there for you unconditionally. I will realize you have a life beyond just me.
Because I love you, your voice is a symphony, leaving me speechless. Your eyes a maze, pulling me in with each wrong, but oh so wrong, turn.
6:00am: I’ll gently pull back your hair from your face and offer a soft, warm kiss to ensure your peaceful transition from sleep to wakefulness.  
Because I love you, you're my everything Because I love you, there is no manipulation Because I love you, aren't just words I say they show in my actions   Because I love you, you are my King/Queen
Because I love you, you're my everything Because I love you, there is no manipulation Because I love you, aren't just words I say they show in my actions   Because I love you, you are my King/Queen
Why is it that everytime something goes wrong, i apologise? Because I love you, I always make myself be in the wrong Because I love you, I am the one that seems to get bothered
Because I love you I will let you go I know you only treat me this way because you need time to grow
The ground beneath my feet is firm,yet I can spread and curl my toesin the forgiving soil of his support.
  “Because I love you.”I mutter. I’m not hungry. The thought of food disgusts me. I eat anyway.       “Because I love you.” I whimper. I’m curled in bed early.
Love binds us together makes us care about each other    Love makes us strong  but also can destory us  I love you three words that make us smiles
I remember when I first met you, We had this instant connection, But I should have known that it would turn sour.   I know now that best friends don't keep each other captive.
You bring out the Romantic in me. The unbearable-but-somehow-funny pun-maker in me. The patient, pink and white rose-giver in me.   You bring out the Adventurer in me.
Because I love you/                                                                                             We should both be free/  With respect and trust/  No conditions or fees/  
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