What is love?

What is love?

“Well, love is that nice feeling you get when you share a kiss with someone.”

“Love is fucking three times a day.”

“Love is looking into her eyes and feeling complete.”

But does that exist?

I don’t know.

No really love is different for me.

Love for me is my mom calling me stupid, and smiling when I did a funny thing.

Love for me was papi showing me how to tie a string to a stick to catch the bigger fish.

It was my best friend’s smile as she sang me happy birthday.

And that same smile that she got when I surprised her with flowers one day.

Love to me was being completely broke in college, and having to decide between gas and food.

Then this girl who I barely knew bought me food!

Love was going to the movies with Yidong and laughing at the stupidity of the horror picture.

Love was wrestling with my boyfriend at three am for the last slice of pizza.

Love was catching a butterfly in a dirty warehouse and setting it free.

Love was compassion, empathy, smiles, and tears.

Love was simple, complex, and long years.

Love was laying on the concrete in the middle of the road with someone who couldn’t sleep.

Love was wasted on the young.

Love was wasted on the old.

Love… Just four letters.

One English word.

Love in English

Amor in Spanish

Ài in Chinese and Japanese

Sarang in Korean

Words mean nothing.

No, words weren’t love

They were actions.


The word love, like any other word, when said over and over means nothing.

But actions…

Well honey….

That’s what love is….





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