love me love me not

You bring me flowers unexpectedly with nice gestures here and there; you love me 

We get into arguments, what relationship is perfect; you love me not 

You can always cheer me up when I'm sad,and not feeling worthy; you love me

you get frrustrated so easily; you love me not


You always make me laugh, you're so goofy; you love me

You tell me to work out more; you love me not 

You're so helpful, you just want what's best for me; you love me

You throw things when you're angry, what have I done wrong; you love me not


You show me off like I'm your prize; you love me 

All I want is to please you; you love me not

You tell me not to be with my friends because they're bad for me; you love me 

All I'm allowed to do is be with you; Its because you love me 


You don't let me leave your side you're so protective; you love me 

You get angry and leave marks; you love me not 

You say it's because I love you, oh how sweet of you; you love me

I walk around with paint and a mask to cover you tracks; you love me not 


It was just a mistake it won't happen again; you love me

Then you get mad it was just a matter of when; you love me not 

You mark me once more but now all is well; you love me

 I'm no longer a probelm for you, It's not like I'll be able to tell.


A sharp painful night with red staining the light; you love me not 

you cry the rest of your life, not because of that night, and not because you love me

but what my life has done to you for the rest of your stripped life.

If it were not for you, life would've given me a shot.

you say you loved me.

the knife says, I think not. 


love is not cruel love is kind 

but what determines these moral devines?

To say its," because I love you" is a bit of a stretch 

the real question is what is love, If you can't move on to the next. 



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