Loving Yourself

It's only sometimes

It'll be okay

Because after all, tomorrow is another day

The scars will heal and the bruises will fade

But the sting of his words will always stay

You push the pain aside, because he's actually really great

Who else would want me anyways?

Who could put up with me, I'm a disgrace

When it's good you feel light

Like he's really changed, like it will all be alright

We have history, we really do

When I ask why he smiles he says, "because I love you"

But it happens again 

And that pain in your chest

And those tears in your eyes

And the waves of resent because of his lies

One day enough is enough

Because you can't live in agony and call it love

You can't know your worth when you live in despair

If you don't stop being a doll on a shelf

You will never discover that no one can love you until you love yourself

This poem is about: 
My family


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