the seeds

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 21:38 -- shamus

the love is not seen by the eye

the love is not heard by the vibrations slamming into your ear

it is not felt by the mere tips of your fingers

but rather, your soul.

it reaches, like the roots of a tremedous tree, diving into your soil

past the thin skin

past the electrified nerves

past the arteries, the heart

And grapples the very part of you, that is not just muscle and bone

   but you.

in all its pain and laughter

     enveloping your edges and scars

encompassing your most beautiful facets

It nourishes every single part of you

It grows

with you, 

for you.


It handed you the gloves, shovel, hoe, watering can,

the leaves, squirrels, worms, the owls, cardinals, blue jays

It hands you the axe

And says,

"will you love me too?"






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