Because I love ME

"Because I love you, I'm trying to protect you.
But using me for sex, fighting with me, and leaving wasn't love.
Throwing me around the bedroom like a ragdoll during sex, was NOT love
"I'm over here working my ass off, because I love you"
But getting another girl pregnant while you're "busy at work" wasn't love
"You can't be pregnant, I pulled out"
Even though you asked me to start a family with you, wasn't love.
Calling me a druggie when I asked you why you cheated, wasn't love.
Abandoning me when I was pregnant, was not love.
You didn't love me for a second, and you sure as hell didn't love the life you put inside me... the life that died, inside me.

But I loved you from beginning to end, and some days I still do.

I loved that life, that little girl that died inside me.

And, I am learning to love myself a little more every day.
I am going to love myself first.
That, IS love

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