Stars and Black Holes

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 12:23 -- ea03


United States

The stars in the skies aligned.

The infinite universe smiled.

In a second, our eyes met,

And everlastingly, sparks flied.


Our stardust souls intertwined.

But as my stellar eyes shined into yours,

I saw there was only an empty void,

Composed only of immense black holes, waiting to destroy.


You helped me grow flowers in the cracks of my heart,

While I tended your empty soul to create eternal sunshine.

But instead of healing my broken cracks,

You poisoned me with your water, until I began to lose all life lines.


The butterflies in my stomach began to die.

Only left were my guts that told me to resign.

But, I still looked at you through rose colored lenses,

And the red flags became camouflaged, and undefined.


Looking back, I should have swam against the tides.

You drugged me of your broken lies.

Enough until I became drunk on the memory of us,

Happy underneath the clear blue skies.


You made me feel unworthy;

You toyed with me with your fake affection.

I became your marionette,

Even after I realized that you were a connoisseur of manipulation.


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