My love

Because I love you I will let you have your space,

I will leave room for you to grow in your own mind,

It is my responsibility that you are your most important relationship,

That our relationship is nothing compared to your self love.

Because I love you I won't expect the "right words" to fall from your lips

I will accept what you have to say because it means something to you,

The "right words" to make me happy won't allow you to be happy.

Because I love you the thought of you will run through my brain all day,

But because I love you I will not expect your name to pop up on my phone every second.  

Because I love you I encourage you to have other friends female or male, 

To spend time with and be happy outside our relationship.

Because I love you I will not tweet my emotions on social media,

I will share with you my wildest thoughts all the way to my darkest thoughts,

Because I trust you to give me the best advice.

Because I love you I wish you to tell me a lot of things in your life but I don't expect it,

You should be comfortable to tell me, not because I'm pressuring you to.

Because I love you my voice nor my hand will raise at you,

Because I love you I don't wish to hurt you.

Because I love you I will leave, because you deserve better than me. 




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