Because I Love You - To My Best Friend

Because I love you,

You should never fear what life has in store for you.

You shouldn’t fear failure,

Because in my eyes you’ll always be number one.

You should never fear falling flat on your face,

Because I’ll always be there to give you a hand.


Because I love you,

You should pursue your dreams,

Because I’ll always be there to support you.

You should go where life takes you

Because if anything were to go wrong,

I’d be right beside you.


Through your darkest hours,

You should never be afraid,

Because I love you

And I’ll do my best to be your guiding light,

In this world of endless pain.


Because I love you,

You will know closure,

Because I’ll do everything I can to mend your wounds,

Brought on by the evils of this world,

Human and unreal.


And if all goes wrong,

And we lose this fight against the odds,

It won’t matter since I’ll be right beside you,

Because I love you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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