Don't Fault Me Because I Love You


United States

Life spins in an incessant cacophony around my muddled form

Never once does my love stop to ask, “Are you ok?”

The simple little expression that could erase so much agony

Will these words always be nothing but poison you wish to avoid?

Only to pause and whisper, “Because I Love You”

When I appear to be willing to turn my back on you as you’ve done me

The fleeting question of, “Why do you love me?”

Always at the tip of my tongue but never leaves my mind’s confines

This relationship based on empty, thoughtless words and emotionless caresses

Festers the unhealthy emotions within both our souls to unfathomable heights

Those empty words chaining my fracturing essence to where I am not wanted

Will cease to have any effect on me once I am truly too shattered to react

Our bond shall tear asunder unless we find a common ground to work from

Repairing all the damage done by selfish white lies spoken to hide the decaying bond

Trust wraps gentle arms around the bond to keep the warmth of true love present

Articulated truths weave through the fraying bond to tighten it so it resembles diamond

Rough, uncut edges still cause the occasional turmoil but small melancholies fade

In the wake of the bond that weathered the test of time and came out stronger

When our two souls are in harmony we embrace the words, “Because I Love You”

Falling from each other’s lips with so much emotion that we each fill with rapture

This is the kind of relationship the vaunted words that stared our downfall

Yet, ended with our salvation should be mentioned as a part of

Trust, Honesty, and Happiness all intertwine to form the characters of the single phrase

“Because I Love You”


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