The Hand I was Dealt

As you lay across from me and I stare into your eyes...

I ponder,

Ponder how you could have chosen me with all the baggage I entail,

You say I treat you like a queen and I'm the man of your dreams,

But baby please believe me when I tell you I've seen hell,

I've seen moms beat, dad on the street and my family became fiends,

But I chose to take that and use it as fuel,

So I learned what not to do,

Because I love you,

I choose to honor you everyday that we're together on this Earth,

I tend to put your needs before mine,

And recognize how divine you are (all the time).

Because I love you,

I will never forsake your trust,

Love you even harder when you're having an off day,

Take our love slow, becasue there's no rush, especially beause It's just us.

Becasue I love you,

No because you love me,

You make all these things easy for me,

You make me a better person and human being,

And I thank God each and everyday for you,

Because I Love YOU




This poem is about: 
My family


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