To Love

Your hands my mourning face caress

Your words my deepest fears address

A promise you voice in all of time

That you will never leave my side

You tell me you love me, and this I know

Because times over, you have proven it so

I promised to trust you, to never lie

And you have made it worth my time

You have never let me down, never asked for much

Never took me from my friends, never hurt me once

When I was sick you cared for me as if I were your own

When I was down you held me up, was my solid stone

Never touched me unless I willed for you so to do

Because of all of this I know your every word was true

Every time you said you loved me, your voice not once did quiver

Your heart beat faster every time and you even once did shiver

Your pupils wide, fill your eyes

From me, not a thing did you hide

Tears of joy fill your eyes

Every time you say you love me

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