Because I Love You

Because I love you,

you need not be afraid.

Shut your eyes tight

and block out the rest of the world

while I hold you in my arms.


Because I love you,

I will always be here for you.

I know you've heard these words before,

but I promise to you,

I mean them more than the others

who swore they would protect you from others

but failed to save you from themselves.


Because I love you,

I won't harm you.

You are fragile from the past,

but I am glass waiting to shatter.

I will not only protect you

and build you up to unbreakable,

you can do the same thing for me.

What a team we make.


Because I love you,

I will love you.

I will care for you,

because I have dedicated my life to you.

In my life I have loved no one like you,

and I doubt I ever could.


Because I love you, I can see one thing so clearly.

I love you more than life,

I love you more than wind and snow and hail,

I love you more than the sky at sunset

or the sound of a cat's purr

or the smell of a beach on a summer day.

I love you more than the simple joys in the world,

because to me,

that's exactly what you are. 

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