Because I Love You

Because I loved You I didn't wanna be clingy

Because I loved you I didn't wanna tell you I did

Because I loved you I wanted you to be happy

Because I didn't know I loved you, I tried to move on

I saw you moved on to 

I thought you be better off

Because I loved you I let you walk pass me

With her 

Not even thinking that you probably wasn't over me

Not knowing she'll break your heart

Because I loved you I didn't speak up

Then you thought no loved you

That all girls was the same

And your mind and heart went on lock

So killed the old you, and hide him in a closet

Because No One loved him whats the point of him being present

Playing with girls was the only motion 

Sex was the only game

The broken you locked in soul going insane

Dying, bleeding to death, suffocated

By her and her and whats her face

Mixing up names

As long as shes giving it up it was all the same

Now you look back Like you hated yourself back then

And Before I loved you I should of opened my eyes

I let you go because of what you did wrong

Not even considering I did the same thing to

Two years later look at me?

Now I love you 

And before I did

Should of been completely honest


Not looking threw my eyes but yours

Not putting you into stereotype

Or thinking your this or that because she said

Shouldn't been so scared to communicate 

This was before you moved on right after I let you go

Now I gotta stare at you from across the room

 My hearts domed and I hear your having a baby soon

We both grown

Because you love someone it shouldn't give you pain

Should give you strength

Because you love someone it shouldn't hinder you but push you forward

Because I love you, I shouldn't wanna hate you . . .




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