The Perfectly Imperfect Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfectly healthy relationship.

Rather, it’s within the depths of imperfection, sublimity, and disaster we find our soul mates.

It’s within the battles, the celebrations, the regret, and rejoice that we find what is healthy, what is manageable, what is love.

I bear the heartache, the satisfaction, the depression, and the desire because I want you.

While you’re gone I suffer in self-inflicted agony waiting for the loving light of your eyes to shine upon me once again.

We are not flawless, our relationship may not be what others dream of, but you are My dream; perfectly imperfect in the ways I am and am not.


A true relationship is sick, yet always healing.

A healthy relationship is dying, but you’ll never feel more alive.

You can never experience a relationship that is ideal in every way, but you fight through hardship, and you search through murk for shining moments that ring like a chorus in your mind because you love them.

That is a healthy relationship.

Being with someone you love through every heart ache, because when the storms have calmed, you’ll both always be there to repair what will never be broken.



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