Melting of my Plastic

I did not know I would love you. 

I did not realize my shirt was that uncomfortable,

I did not realize my laugh was forced, 

I did not know how I should be treated, 

I did not know the importance of a quiet night.

I met you.

I realized how confident I was in your sweatshirt,

I realized my laugh sped through the time,

I knew in my heart this is what it feels like to be appreciated,

I knew I no longer needed to pretend. 

You melted my plastic outside.

It was thick and it was strong.

It was my mold for so many years it became who I was,

You rediscovered me.

You became my confidence, 

my confidant. 

You showed me anxiety was ok.

You showed me new solutions to old problems.

You showed me family can sometimes be the toxin,

The source of my plastic. 

You rebuilt me. 

You changed my shirt, 

found my humor, 

guided my strength, 

turned on a movie and turned my phone off.

You showed me true health consists of the mind

and that my mind was not hot enough to melt my outside-

until I met you.  

I now know this is why I love you. 


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