Because I Love You

Because I love you/                                                                                            

We should both be free/ 

With respect and trust/ 

No conditions or fees/


So because I love you/

There are some things I'll say/

To make sure we're both well/

Every day/


When we go shopping/

I won't ask if you're done/

I'll say you can have the last piece/

Because I saved you some/


I'll tell you to watch your step/

And how I love it when you stay/

This reminded me of you/

And I bought you these today/


Go out with friends/

Stay out late tonight/

I can't control you/

But you can control your eyes/


I won't keep nagging/

I'm not a preacher/

But confessing your sins/

Shouldn't feel like public speaking/


We won't break each other down/

Into tiny pieces/

And abuse won't be brushed/

Among the creases/


If you ever decide/

To give me a bruise/

I'll be gone that very night/

You won't be excused/


As a couple/

We can keep each other safe/

But we aren't police/

We'll just leave the hate/


Because I love you/

And you love me/

We'll respect each other/

And that's out creed/   


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