Love is Welcoming

Begin each day with a text "Good Morning."

Every friend you have is another reason I'm not worried.

Count on me if your day gets overly boring.

Always bring you breakfast with coffee, just how you like.

Under an attack, I got your back in a fight.

Soon to be Christmas, I have your whole family in mind.

Every day's a holiday with you in my life.

I'm always here to help, I know you hate math.

Love the way you smile after everytime you laugh.

Offered you my seat the first day in history.

Value all those times you let me hang with my friends.

Embracing all these memories, they never seem to end.

You're put together so beautifully, speaking ever so pleasantly.

Over the moon undoubtedly, I'll bring you peace and tranquility.

Unwavering feelings are noticed, you know I Love You Because of these things.


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