Love Is....

Love is about kindness,

accepting that nobody is perfect.

Love is looking at someone and admitting

they drive you crazy,

but still thinking they are wonderful.

When you say,

'I love you,'

you're saying,

'I know you're messed up, and 

I know you won't always do things

that I like.


I still like you, and I care for you

so much,

and that won't change

because I won't let it.'


You always hear how

Love has rose-colored glasses.

But that isn't true.

Love sees faults better than strangers,

and Love is still willing to give up everything:

time, money, desires,

even life,

to give that person what they need.


Love is sticking together even when it's tough.

Love is not giving up,

working through disputes.

Love is waking up grumpy

and having a terrible morning;

then, apologizing.

Love is staying up late to watch a movie,

just so you can spend time together.

Love is determined to make it work,

even when it seems impossible.



This poem is about: 
My family


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