all it took was that one moment

it never took much for me to

fall for your honey-kissed eyes,

those rose painted lips,

that ear-to-ear smile.

all it took was that one moment

when your eyes,

god, those heavenly eyes,

finally caught mine and the skies, 

oh my sweet,

the skies opened up,

the rain had cleared,

everything brightened. 

your eyes connecting with mine

became the sunshine connecting

with the flowers. 

i was the flower which blossomed from

the sunlight you gave 

with one look. 

all i need to fall for you was

that one moment,

the connection of your radiant eyes and

my rain-soaked eyes.

for me, it was one moment

and yet, for you,

the moment never came. 

but because i love you,

i'll let you find the person who

can make you feel the way you made me feel

when those honey-kissed eyes locked with mine.

and because i love you,

you'll never lose me

even when the world deems me wrong

for loving someone with the same parts.

because i love you,

your honey-kissed eyes will never

drown in tears from those hurtful,

hateful words from people who never 

learned how to love.

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