All I Want

All I want is a true love.

Someone honest, with integrity.

Not a liar, whose so corrupt.

He should have the honor of a true knight.

A heart of gold would do too!

Pure passion that burns for only me and no other.

Also sympathy and empathy, but not because it rhymes.

All I want is my Mr. Right, is that a lot to ask?

He does not have to be perfect.

Only where it counts!

I want that connection, like two souls meeting.

I want it to be pure and true, like you read in the books.

He will make me happy, I just know it!

He will be my bestfriend, my partner in crime.

Even have my back when I need it most.

We will laugh, we will cry, but most importantly,

We will have each other no matter what.

That is all I want.

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This is what i know a healthy relationship looks like. Im kinda rusty havent wrote poetry in awhile but i put my heart in it and thats what counts.

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