I remember

quiet excited embers

sparking lonely hearts,

dismembered defences

left us breathless,

We were open and restless

our connection helped us distress

and explore more than gore

when exposing our beating chests,

threats of missteps and regret

are no sweat,


we never let 

our minds find an equal line

on which to reside.

Communication lacks

because of hestation's impact,

knowing that

insecurities are fueling me,

fooling me into believing

I'm undeserving of recieving 

a reason

for easy breathing.

Soon, I saw them leaving

My heart silently screaming

the trembling feeling

revealing how I thought I needed 

to be with 


When indeed,

I tend to impede

on what makes me happy

and mislead my instincts

as I grieve,


taught me relief.

Days went by

soon flew past many weeks,

I could speak 

of relationships without feeling so weak,

and though I felt low alone


I appreciate the state 

in which I get to contemplate

As if I meditate,

instead of hate 

myself for low self

esteem, it seems obscene 

if it's not your dream,

but as I explain things,

someone listens,

their eyes glisten,

and a connection 

is headed to ignition,

it feels uplifting 

to be equip with

legit friendship,

time spent

to lament, 

rest, laugh, 

I feel blessed

to accept you 

into the truth 

of who 

I am,

I like the hand 

you share

how our conversations ensare

fairness and support,

this isn't for sport,

or because life's short,

but because we have lives to explore

offer more

from movies

inside jokes 

to midnights where we smile in hope,

or when we cry in our arms

trying to cope 

from life's obstacles and harms,

My logic still not disarmed

And yet we make it this far,

Shows that our focus

on eachother payed off

and more important 

it's cool for us to express the truth

think our disagreements through


not tell lies,

be ourselves and grow our ties,

hold tightly our souls

How many secrets have we told

eachother and forgot, because we were happy

and the secrets get old,

Now it feels 

our mold is made in the essence of gold

so valuable,

behold, we know 

it could seem as a show

but that image is misconstrued

what's true,

I finally experienced what healthy relationships can do

Because I Love You.







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interested in feedback


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