Because I love you..

Because I love you, your voice is a symphony, leaving me speechless.

Your eyes a maze, pulling me in with each wrong, but oh so wrong, turn.

Because I love you, I crave the pitter patter of a heart once broken.

I find myself yearning for each breath once de trop.

Because I love you, I find myself grasping each moment with you like it’s the last.

You are to me what sunlight is to flowers. Essential.


Because I love you, I will help you pick up the broken pieces that life has left you with.

By you I mean us, what once was one is now two lives tangled together.

Because I love you, I will share my food and blankets willingly.

Sharing the comfort I relish in with the person more precious to me than gold.

Because I love you, I will love all of you.

No one part is less beautiful than the rest; you are my starry starry night, my almond blossoms, my mona lisa.


Because I love you, I am yours and yours alone.

Our love is a church, we  leave our past sins at its altar, making room for our future.

Because I love you, there are no chains, no restrictions on your freedom.

I can not sway your actions, but I trust you to make the right ones.

Because I love you, there are words left unspoken, thoughts never brought to the light.

You are worth more than the fights and two cents that could be used for something worth way less.


Because  I love you this poem can go on and on without end.

Without end, like my love.

Never fading.

Never crippling.

Only growing.

Only strong.

Because I love you...


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