And Then There Was You

I am not the first

Nor the second.

Or third

or fourth. 

I am the background 

A face lost in the crowd. 


The lonely heart that beats on, 

Hoping and dreaming

of a love not in sight. 


A side-note,

An afterthought

The bleak end to magnificent sunsest. 


If I were a color, I would be lilac. 

Pale and sweet,

Evoking somber moods. 


And then there was you. 


You purused me relentlessly, 

And protected my heart 

as precious stones. 


You made me a part 

in your story, 

A part of the title. 

Dedicated it all to me,

transforming this girl

once pale and sweet,

once bleak and average, 

into a soaring sunrise. 


You painted me with purples as deep as the sea, 

pinks as delicate as a butterflies wings, 

and fierce streaks of orange

to match the lioness's roar. 


I am your grande finale. 

I am your view from the summit. 


To you, I am the masterpiece. 

The details, 

the brushstrokes. 

I am part of the sheer beauty of your life. 









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