Because I Love You

Because I love you, I respect your boundaries.

When you say you are uncomfortable, I stop completely.

“No” is a demand, not a suggestion.

And when you tell me to stop, I do.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Because I love you, I listen to you and hold your opinion in high regard.

I do not dismiss you because what you have to say is just as important as what I do.

A relationship requires two equal parts,

Working together as one.

Two pieces of a whole. 


Because I love you, I do not touch you in any way meant to cause harm.

My hands are meant to hold yours.

My arms are meant to embrace you.

My legs are meant to dance with you as I hold you close enough to feel your heartbeat.

I leave no bruises or scars, only the feeling of my body on yours. 


Because I love you, I trust you.

I do not control you and you are free to lead a separate life from mine.

When you say something, I believe you unconditionally.

I know that you would never hurt me

And I trust that you trust me to do the same.


Because I love you, I respect you.

You are not mine to use, abuse, or accuse.

In my heart, I feel adoration.

And as that feeling slowly seeps through my body,

I pray that it spreads to you,

Lying contently in my arms.

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