Because I Love You

Because I Love You...

I will trust you.

I will support you even when I don't understand.

I will be there for you unconditionally.

I will realize you have a life beyond just me.

I will always want the best for you, even when the best isn't me.

Because I Love You...

I will not constantly check your phone.

I will not belittle you or your accomplishments.

I will not make you choose between me or your well-being.

I will not make me your only priority.

I will not make you be afraid to do something other than what I want.

Because I Love You...

I want you to realize

Love is kind.

Love makes the light come back in your eyes.

Love brings you joy.

Love makes you feel like you have an equal partner and friend.

Love does not make you afraid.

Love does not constantly know where you are.

Love does not choose your friends.

Love does not define your worth as a human being.

Love adds to your life, not takes away.

So please remember this

Because I Love You




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