Three Words That...

We have all said it.
Three words who are always together.
Always hugged close together, like an invisible rope is around their waists.
Three words who can make or break us.
Always at their mercy, we are scared of them yet what to hear them so badly.
Three words who are abused.
Always taken for granted, their meaning lost to time.

Does "I love you" really mean anything anymore?

These three words manipulate us,
Make us,
Break us,
Build us,
Destroy us,
Make us weep,
Make us exclaim,
Make us wonder,
Make us question,

"Why don't you love me?"
"Why do you love me?"
"What do you see in me?"
"What don't you see?"
"Did you really love me?"
"Do you really love me?"

Love is tainted,
Love is manipulated,
Love is ugly,
Love hurts.

But if it hurts, is it really love?

Love should not bring us pain,
Should not bring sorrow,
Should not make us question our worth or the worth of others.

Love is vast,
Love is kind,
Love is beautiful,
Love makes me feel like living.

"It's okay."
"Don't blame yourself."
"You can trust me."
"Believe me."
"Hey, remember when..."

Remember when love was pure?
Remember when love created us?
Remember when love rebuilt us?
Remember when love made us cry?
Cry because we care.
Cry because we trust.
Cry because we love someone so much, we only want to see the best in them.

Love is romantic.
Love is platonic.
Love is a strong word.
Love is a word that we should rebuild.
Love should not be taken for granted.

Because if it is, is it really love?

"I love you."

We have all said it.
We all want to hear it.
We all deserve to hear it.
Hear it from your closest ones.
Hear it from her.
Hear it from him.
Hear it from them.
Hear it everywhere.
And validate its sound.

Love is a wonderful thing.
So let's keep it wonderful.

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