I see your tears streaming down your face,

Where I see beauty you see disgrace,

I want to shout out to the world that you're too good for him,

I know your affections are placing your life on a limb,

I know what he does is not right,

But still you say you will not leave him without a fight?

We argue about it all the time,

And I mean it when I tell you he's not worth a dime,

But still you remain stuck in this situation,

Waiting for another one of his "enlightening demonstrations".


Your relationship isn't healthy,

He doesn't cherish you correctly,

When he says "Because I love you",

It shouldn't be followed by him bruising you because that's an issue,

To you he should be loyal,

And seeing him being anything less makes my blood boil,

When you come to me when he makes you cry,

I wish things could be simplified,

But I know your unobtainable,

And right now that's not changeable.


But because I love you I will try,

To make you see he isn't the right guy,

Because I love you I will stay,

To make sure you aren't dead within the next day,

Because I love you I will hold,

My feelings inside and make sure I'm never too bold

Because I love you I try my best to stop any blow,

You have a light in you that still flows,

Because I love you I will stay in this town,

In order to ensure you'll never be completely down.


You deserve to be treated like a queen,

Not like someone who's been trapped since they were sixteen,

I say this even though I know I'll only ever be your friend,

Because to tell you the truth I'm in this until the end,

You deserve to be respected by him,

He shouldn't tell you that you need to be thin,

He shouldn't belittle your every mistake,

Because we both know that one day you'll break,

And then when you're buried six feet under the ground,

Where will I be when you're no longer around?




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