True Love and Chocolate Filled Donuts

True love is bringing me my favorite chocolate filled donut in the morning,

Not because I asked, but because he was thinking about me in the donut shop.


True love is taking me to see the wildflower superbloom after I fried my brain for hours taking standardized tests, even though flowers aren’t exactly his thing.


True love is biking to my house in the sweltering California sun on my birthday to hand deliver my present. No one else has ever done that for me.


True love is driving together on a stretch of the longest, most barren road in the desert together in silence, because just each other’s presence is company enough.


True love isn’t about elaborate gifts or expensive dinner dates.


It’s not about being possessive, or overprotective.


It’s about feeling that warm feeling of complete and genuine care for another human being, and having the feeling reciprocated.


It’s about finding someone who empowers you; who lets you flourish and be the person you want to be, and supports you wholeheartedly in doing so,


Solely because they love you.



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