Light Blue to Dark Grey

I bought this flower,

it is beautiful just as you are,

with vibrant pink petals that glimmer like a star,

I love you always: near and far.


A long night on the town,

you looked so stunning in that light blue gown,

with that glorious smile, I will never let you frown,

I love you, this will never die down.


Our first fight,

I'm sorry for my hurtful words that cut you last night,

I promise from here on out things will be bright,

I love you, please let me make it alright.


I know I promised it wouldn't occur,

but last night's drinks made it a blur,

my hands left brutal marks on you I concur,

But I love you, this I still assure.


There mustn't be another one but me,

I am all you need you must agree,

everyone is here to tell you lies about how we will be,

I am the only one who loves you, can't you see?


Lately your freedom is what you grieve,

now that I am all you have, what help will you receive?

You say that I mistreat you please hide those brusies with a long sleeve,

Despite the pain you make me cause, I love you and you can't leave.


I bought this flower to give to you,

dark grey clouds cover the sky that was once a light blue,

you are now gone at my expense, there is nothing I can do,

this white carnation on your grave shows just how much I loved you. 










This poem is about: 
Our world


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