All Because I Love You

Because I love you, you leave me in awe,

You are in my thoughts all day, every day

I willingly endure your every flaw

And prove my love to you in every way.


I kiss the ground you walk on; every step,

I promise to keep you safe from all harm,

Forgive all your mistakes; when you misstep,

Be proud to be the woman on your arm.


I know I am not very artistic

But for you I would murder in cold blood,

It would almost be very sadistic

Hide the body in a layer of mud.


Endure all the pain that you put me through,

I would do it all because I love you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Jaciel Cruz

The prompt asked us to explain what it meant to be in a healthy relationship, but for someone in an unhealthy relationship, the line might not always be so clear. My sonnet is in the perspective of somoene who is in an unhealty relationship, but they themselves can't see the flaws of the situation that they are in. The person in the poem doesn't understand where to draw the line when she says "I would do anything for you". She is even willing to murder if it will please her partner. This is, of course an example of an unhealhty realtionship, so if you're looking for advice, do the opposite of this poem. Hope you all enjoy

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