Happy Tears

Tonight I cried 

My arms wrapped around my pillow

Tonight I was thinking of you 

And how every time I fumble 

Every time I fall 

Not only do you help me up, you raise me higher 

Higher than I've ever been.

Tonight I cried 

Because you listen to my stories 

And you tell me I'm okay 

And that I have every right to feel this way. 

I cried 

Not only for the good times, but the bad times too

When I am weak, when I am selfish 

When you want to pull away, but don't 

When you see me for who I am

And accept me. 

Tonight I cried 

Because not a day goes by when I am not loved 

You are not here 

But I am never alone 

Because you live within me.

Tonight I cried because you love me

And with every inch of my soul, 

I love you too.

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