A Real Lover

A real lover isn’t one who brings you down and makes you look like a clown

Instead, he clowns around with you making you laugh and smile


He doesn’t bring you tears of sorrow or makes you cry to sleep

He takes great leaps to hold you while you weep


A real lover isn’t one who leaves scars on your body and hurts your soul

Instead, he protects you- his lifetime goal


He doesn’t question if you cheating or that new contact on your phone

He makes you feel his loving embrace even when you are alone


A real lover doesn’t talk to you sweet, just to fuck you and leave

Instead, he takes it slow, putting his heart on your sleeve


He doesn’t ignore you when you need him the most, or say “I hate you”

He puts your needs in front of his and the only explanation why is “because I love you”


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