Because I Love You

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 20:01 -- kaylamp

Never a secret. 

But not because it was a rule, rather because they wouldn’t want it any other way

Never a cloudy day.

But not because they had a mask covering what was really felt, rather because their other half always knew just what to do to make things right

Never an argument without a resolution.

But not because it was forced, rather because neither wanted to argue in the first place

Never a moment when jealousy took over.

But not because they didn’t want to spend time together, rather because they knew to treasure their memories rather than use them against one another

Never a forced expression of happiness.

But not because they weren’t happy together, rather because sometimes the tears needed to fall before the laughter could come loose

Never a day without reminders of love.

Because they had been through it all together and without walking hand in hand, they would have had to battle their demons alone. 

No one should have to fight a silent battle. When the right person is by your side, they will fight the battle for you, and then tell you about it afterwards. 

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