Because I Love You

It's the way your hair falls in your face

Because you refuse to get it cut

And the glimmer in your eyes

Every morning when we wake up

It's the little things that make you perfect

A collection of quirks and flaws

But deeper than that there is a heart of gold

That shines through when times get hard

Like holding my hand when the world caves in

When my body quakes and my heart pounds

And forehead kisses cooking dinner in the kitchen

Or restocking toilet paper while I'm in the bathroom

It's rubbing my back when I'm keeled over the bed

Vomiting into the trash can

And nights in our pajamas watching TV shows

While all the other couples are out

It's days of quiet where we stare at screens

Indulged in our own separate worlds

But every so often you'll look back at me

And squeeze my legs, into a smile your lips curl

It's climbing back into bed with me

When you come home from a morning shift

And grocery shopping on a Wednesday

And telling me to grab whatever is of interest

It's that night we went mini golfing with your roommate and his girl

And my ball splashed into the fountain

So you handed me your club and you trotted down the green

And though your pants dampened, you went after it

It's travelling three hundred miles

Just for three days together

Impatiently awaiting the day

When we move in and can be with each other

Our every goodnight and good morning

It's high school crushes turned lifelong love

A shining face in the crowd

A smile and wave in the halls every day

Never expecting things to turn out like this

It's late night trips to Denny's

And 4am skype calls

And condolences when your last lover dies

It's finding hope in the little things

When someone new opens your eyes

It's everything we've ever been through

And everything still around the bend

So I'll clasp your hand in mine, deep breaths

As we wade through uncertain waters

And I'll look to you, and you to me

And we'll smile at each other

And if ever we question why we do what we do

The answer will always ring clear

Simply stated, without a doubt,

Because I love you



i love this omg its amzing

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