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"Because I love you..." he always said,

Once I asked him why I should stay.

"Because I love you" was an excuse, trapping me in a living hell,

Making me stay, throughout all of the abuse.

Until one day, I freed myself, as I told my trembling heart,

"Because I love you."

Leaving behind the one who was holding me captive with the roller coaster called fake love.



"Because I love you" I am now told,

As a response when I ask why he held me all night long, that dark night in May.

Asking me if I've eaten today, holding my hand tight, communicating and talking out problems,

All "Because I love you", with a true, healthy love.

No guilt-trips or lying, but instead respect and honesty.

From me taking one brave moment to tell myself "Because I love you.",

I freed myself to allow another to show me what "Because I love you" should really mean.



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