A Modern Twist on A Tale as Old as Time

I have a past full of problems, too much baggage to carry.

Enter the man, big and tall and... a bit fluffy?

Not at all what I had pictured love to look like

But under all that gruff and fluff...

He is a prince


They say "love is patient," they say "love is kind,"

They say "love heals all wounds," but they never considered mine.

He says "you are beautiful," he says "no need to cry,"

He says "everything is alright. I've got you now."

Every word he breathes slowly stitches me.

His soft hand on my cheek makes me start to believe.

Piece by piece.

Butterflies in the stomach

Can't help but wonder

When is it going to












He says, "never, princess."

and the beast has won my heart.

and they will live happily ever after

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