A Balance Serving of Love

6:00am: I’ll gently pull back your hair from your face and offer a soft, warm kiss to ensure your peaceful transition from sleep to wakefulness.


6:30am: I’ll offer an oatmeal muffin I made last night and make your coffee because I know how busy your mornings can be.


7:00am: I’ll open the door for you and carry your files to the car, sending you off with a loving hug and a motivational “go save lives, my love.”


Noon: I’ll call you to check in. “How’s your day been?” “Did you grab lunch yet?” And, I’ll understand if you don’t answer and instead leave a refreshing voice message.


3:00pm: I’ll think of you for the one thousandth time and pray that you are able to help all your patients.


4:30pm: I’ll drive home and send you an update text about the kids, the dog, and my day. Read it whenever you have time.


4:45pm: I’ll pick up the house, cook for the family, walk the dog, and keep a dish warm for you.


5:15pm: I’ll be worried that you’re not home yet, I’ll call to see what happened. I’ll completely and genuinely understand that a critical patient coded and that you’ve established a relationship with her so you feel it’s best to stay for observation for a couple of hours. I’ll wrap your plate up and put it in the fridge. 


8:00pm: I’ll bathe and tuck in the kids, walk he dog again, and clean the kitchen. I love it when you don’t have to worry about anything upon arriving at home. 


8:30pm: I’ll call to make sure you’re okay. I’ll get cleaned up and lay in bed watching a movie, waiting for you.


10:00pm: I’ll hear the door open and smile ever so slightly knowing you’ll soon be right next to me.


11:00pm: I’ll pretend to still be asleep as you slowly and cautiously slide into bed trying not to disturb me. I’ll turn to you once you’re settled and lean in for one last goodnight kiss and whisper an effortless “I love you.”


Our life, our love is a balancing act; trained to sustain changes work, family, and us. In a typical day I’ll choose to kiss, to ensure, to offer, to understand, to think, to pray, to update, to cook, to keep, to worry, to call, to clean, to wait, to smile, and to love. All of this I’ll do for you, simply because I love you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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