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  Smile smile stay  Smile smile go Smile in denial  Crooked teeth crooked cops  Crooked world crooked rocks  Chipped teeth broken teeth  Challenge accepted smiles unprotected 
Self esteem is a made up thing. Paint your face. Lose weight. What’s the point of it?  Does being pretty make you a better person?
Confidence doesn’t like to be around me. He disguises himself, as Ego, then bursts out of my head.  The minute I catch him, he disappears.   Sometimes, I call for him.   
Sometimes it's euphoric Drunk with pride and confidence On my high horse Looking staright ahead Other times a 180 turn occurs Hell on my mind It's dark, I'm timid
Sometimes it's euphoric Drunk with pride and confidence On my high horse Looking staright ahead Other times a 180 turn occurs Hell on my mind It's dark, I'm timid
mirror, mirror on the wall let the image i see fall let me see what's underneath hidden beside by insecurities let me be mended, restored, repaired rid me of despair; even if it strips me bare.
My eyes, My hair, My smile, My stomach, My thighs, My nose, My scars, My life, Myself  
      Dear anyone who’s going through a rough time, Currently, I’m on a riptide. Life has slowly began to come to a high but I know, in time another fall will follow. I had to be hurt, many times 
Dear Body, What do you make me feel fat and insecure? Why do you do it? I'm not sure My whole life I've struggled to lose weight I'd put less and less on my plate Middle school was not fun
Dear Acne, Because of you I can barely stand to look in the mirror I see my facial landscape Patchy red plains meet blackhead hills.
Morning dew trickled off my eyelashes Like an afterthought of last night’s storm I fell asleep drowning in my pillowcase 
My mind is a computer, It plays games, Process information, Turns to power-saving mode.   But if this is true, Then what are my disorders?   They are flash drives,
If only you knew the lengths I would go to be able to tell you how much I love you. Or the amount of pain I would endure to spend another night falling asleep in your arms.
So close yet so far, to freedom and death. Freedom from hurt, pain, abuse, chains, bruises, tears, fights, cuts, offensive words, breakdowns, loneliness and depression.
Let me tell you where I'm at Here at night supposedly alone, Listening to songs that make me feel whole. However there is Disappointment, Self hate and his sister Anxiety, All of them sleeping over.  
What a twisted game I play, Just me, myself, and I. A game so quiet that no one knows, It exists in my mind, and in my life. What a twisted game, I keep to myself. The game before a mirror,
I smile in the mirror and whisper the words to myself, “You’re pretty” But my reflection says back, “No you’re not. You’re more than just pretty.
In this generation why why is it that the number of likes on your latest selfie determines your beauty While the girl behind the screen hides her insecurity behind the filters
My job isn't to make you feel comfortable To show that I care about how you feel about me Everyone repeat after me: MY worth is not diminished by what others think or say about me. ALL TOGETHER NOW. 
Mirror mirror on the wall Who’s the loneliest of them all She walks for miles alone and cold Never having a hand to hold And now she lays upon the ground To sleep forever, safe and sound
In a world where people are periodically posting pics and sending selfies to fellow citizens, there is a surprising amount of self hate surrounding the subject.
A lot of people know me as @haleythebirdie singing "All That Jazz" Or lockedinabirdcage Analyzing why paper beats rock And for those followers, I am on stage on the web when I talk Or 15byerha
Three months. That's how long I wore makeup in eighth grade- How long I tried to fit ubiquitous standards. Solutions for fear of inadequacy:
What do you see,When you look in the mirror?You see you,And I see me.We are different,That is perfect,And how it's supposed to be.
I see those around me
Beauty has made her choice. She chose the Beast.  Beauty is intelligent. She chose her books. Beauty is kind. She chose happiness. Beauty is fearless.
"Who is this? Nigga on IG, always on posting pics.  Never get the chicks.  Always with the shits.  Man that nigga lame. I blow more L’s and got way more change”
I wish to swim far out and never see land again Penetrate the greatest depths of the world Find the mermaids who hide in my dreams And become the girl I always wanted to be  
There is only one “me” Just one, not three We may share names by simple fate but our varied by history, life, and taste. Everyone is an individual, they are them since birth
Dear Guadalupe,
I am not flawless. I have flaws. But I try to live my life lawless,  break down my walls.
My dear I ask what is wrong with me? Why is that they laugh? I've stripped myself, I've made it clear, I've taken on their path Still they mock, still they cluck Like I am such a fool
I am a flower. I am beautiful an strong but when I was a seed, I never thought I would've grown to be as tall or smell as sweet as the other flowers.
Fight to be Flawless
Judge me by my size, i've had it with these magazine lies.
From day to day we fight to see the beauty behind thee, these cuts we cover dust to find the strength within the idea of we, anger leads to failure to go where we strive to be, denial of hope in the beauty we do not see,
I will like meEven though for yearsBut for what felt more likeA millenniumI thought I was a mistake
Fancy clothes, all the boys, all the shoes. Yes Girl. That sounds like the dream, everything you need materialistic things. You're so heartless it stings. Yes Girl
Her eyes Grass and leaves and earth Lily pads and ice and sea   Her hair Light and sand and gold Sun and glimmer and fire   Her smile  Small and fragile and soft 
  Once upon a time, Alice looked through the looking glass. A casual glance,
They say:
I Am A Shooting Star Once You See Me I Amaze You But By Time You See Me, Im Already Gone My Existence Has Already Been No Longer Dead To The Outside, But Alive In Your Mind
Hey.   Hi   Are you ever going to answer me?   Daddy, I know I have screwed up alot, but please just say hi?  
Those were the days that I hated being me
What they see is merely the reciprocal of reality; wretched bodies tainted by calloused flaws. They overlook the constellations in their pores and only acknowledge the darkness inbetween.
Mom a word that's supposed to mean safety,but to me it's the epitome of MAYBE,  MAYBE she'll be here tonight or tomorrow, MAYBE out drinking, I'm thinking, this word mom makes me feel irate,
At my high school, I was a guy that everybody knew.  Everybody would dap me up and say "That Boy Rube."  They could easliy point me out by the waves in my hair and the color of my shoes. 
I have always admired the strong.   We as a whole have been taught to idolize those who can carry the burden of thousands and manage to exert unimaginable strength in pulling the corners of their lips into a smile.
A slim waist. A perfectly proportioned face. No shape. Fake. The idea of a role model is twisted and deflicted by society. See girls are told to love them selves
I’ve come to realize, i’ve been living in my own lies. Fully submerged, head beneath the surface living my daily life without a purpose i was a hypocrite to my own speech “chin up buttercup” i’d always preach
I am me I am not you. I am me. I am not he and I am not she. I am Jordan. I am me.   I am not a welcome mat. You can’t just walk all over me.
  Since the moment you are created
The world has not seen who I really am There is a fear whom one may know I am a girl who is afraid to show My laugh is loud and filled with joy People see me as if I’m a toy
 Fitting In. Well what does that mean? There are many meanings. To relate just wonder, but don't blunder. You want to be part of a group Have friends to relate too.
I don't make friends easily, I don't put makeup on my clear face, I don't have a sexual drive. In teen words. I am pretty much a fail. I assume I don't belong. To be honest, everyone's so similar and
When my wings got seared off by the sun, when i free fell, saw the ashes of my hopes and dreams gently floating after me, I thought I was done, that the ocean would end my agony
The same brain, body and gender.   Having a light make-up,   We go out.   Wearing pink dresses and high-heels.   As usual...  
jump head first into the flaming inferno because he told you so   try not to sweat when he calls you a pussy   let the third degree burns be a reminder to never trust a soul  
People say I'm beautiful.
There are moments in the night when I wish for someone to lay next to me, embrace me in their arms, and not let me go till the moon finally takes its leave.
You may only have Two Feet but A step at a time is All it Takes.
Sweetheart, let me in.It's time for our lives to b
Inside of me there is an asylum,             surrounded by a moat of milky light bulbs;             the only bridge burned long ago.   The dungeon holds a dragonfly
She looks like heaven  to me She says no but that's okay not everyone can see The way her eyes shine in the morning
My skin, my bones are crumbling.   My remains are becoming dust.   And from my decomposing self,   I hope that your flowers will grow,  
I am fragile. To look at me you would see a young woman standing at 5 ft. 3 inches and think “Of course she is fragile.” But no… My stature does not determine my strength.
Dear teenage girls, Marc Jacobs once said, "Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn't about being naked." Dear thirteen year old girl in line in front of me at forever 21,
Humbled by pin drops Of dust And of fire Burning the darkness and filling the nothing Surrounding her, She closed her eyes and wished herself To a night where they couldn’t see her,
You have to love me for who I become what I create, what I say, what I see, what I give, not what I take. You cannot love me for what I need what I want, what I’ve been given.
I really enjoyed how bubbly she and goofy he lindy hopped on smooth wood without looking in the studio mirror. It wasn’t so lovely once you came not to ask me to dance, but to call me a wallflower
My eyes do not “light up like the sunlight upon water,” My complexion is too blue and white and every girl is hotter, Society does not reward small chests like mine with glamour,
I've seen bullying in my life, I've been on both sides. Some people say it's not the place to be, But I must say... "I just get off on the pain." - Now, it's been a while,
She used to be the sweetest girl ever, but her life became stuck in a sour chapter. She cries as she lies wide awake at night. Trying to keep her mind from losing this fight.
  The lights, the dancing lights Look at the view Young lady Look at the view There’s an open world out there But it’s closed off to you You need money Still, avarice is a sin
Momma said when it comes to my subject matter Always speak the truth on real subjects that really matter  When I'd be in pain she'd always ask baby what's the matter
I see a flower blooming in the dark. No sunlight or fed nights  Shes a little seed tryna live life  Got a hold on of what she can't see  Being fooled by those... 
I am the master of my fate I once said to all who hate The words they said are bad And once heard, can make me sad  
Make a fist   Five points of power,   Five points of fight,   Swing it.
I hate that losing weight boosted my self confidence.
A word used to portray a person thinking or coming up with ideas, is now used to describe a girl who has some messed up ideals.
In the darkness of the night, the deep recesses of my mind, overbearing thoughts tear away and fumbles with my mental grace.
I wanted to write a poem.
We waste our time of day fretting over our subdual to the nachos We waste our time of day obsessing over the knick in our expensive boots
Society paints an image in a young girl's head. A contrived idea of perfection makes her wish she were dead. Society gives the boy false judgement, he believes the wrong is right
Overly concerned with imperfections, I couldn't bear my own reflection. I was slowly coming apart at the seams. I was struggling with low self-esteem.   As I ponder and start to recall,
I'm trying so hard to be confident But in a world full of false hope and lies Its a struggle, is it not clearly evident. The fact that world has become so fake and so plastic
You know what makes me tick....
Bruno Mars lied to you girl. He said that you are beautiful just the way you are, but you aren’t. My friend, you are beautiful just the way you are supposed to be! Not plastic: covered in powder,
I look around At all the girls looking down I understand I was once that girl playing in the sand I know of the haunting pasts And I know of the shady casts I can relate to your fear
I'm trying to figure out the exact moment when you decided you were worthless.   Because in you I see Eyes that sparkle, Pearly Whites, and a Heart of Gold.   You are a treasure,
    When I Look In The Mirror
Your words Sharper than a knife Thrown at my heart and I’m left bleeding inside My whole life has been lived through your eyes Nothing can ever be mine   Empty compliments
welcome to the issuewhere emotions are lost in the words we’ve foundbut i’m here to change thatactivate switch to operate: freedom is choicehow to do everything right: forgive yourself
Look around Stay open minded Reach for your dreams No dream is too abstract
I brought you into this world I can take you out. These are familiar words that every black child hears when they act up The Father, our Father clenches his jaw and whispers these words into our ears
  Running down my face  Tears, I see 
im leaving a tattoo on my skin my heal, my hip, of how ve been a home made reminder, always there reminding me to starve beyond compare to not consume for days or weeks wait for the body that i should seek
I'm back, but I'm falling apart I'm back, but I'm lacking the heart, That I need to keep movingAnd what do I think I'm proving? Starving for attentionReceiving it in the form of tension,
    My body is malformed.  It has every single limb but I can't conform.  The thighs, the sides, the stomach, the hands; they're all too round, too soft. 
She’s not the definition of perfection As she studies her reflection Theirs pieces missing, pain and tears Surrounded by self-conscious thoughts and fears Theirs a girl with a smile, forced for all to see
I can easily change my clothes to a style that's more pleasing. I'll ignore the number that the tag reads. You're worth that much --even more-- to me.   I can easily change my body
If you are on this Earth,  you are free.  You. Yourself,  with your own  thoughts, beliefs,  loves,
I promise YOU this, As Life goes on days will turn brighter Pain is only temporary and this too shall pass Come along with me and you will eventually see what's it like to become free
I see the image I despise my reflection I can't be pretty
Starting from a single drop of water
     Broken, that's what I am.
Yes honey im flawed
When in the dark I reflect on me I realize
It tells me I can't eat It tells me to throw up what I do eat It tells me I'm not good enough It tells me I need to do 700 crunches a day It bells me I'll never be skinny It tells me I can't gain weight
 Look into this mirrorAsk me what I seeThe answer could be really simple,I see me! Only the outside; just what everybody else sees
You want to scream But struggle to breathe, For you cannot speak, For the air is cold And the words cannot move From the demon that wants out.   It wants to move and scream and escape
I am not a real person I am an outer shell, wrapped in a mind that wants to be separate. I am skin and fat and blood and dust. I am thoughts and decisions that no one understands, not even i.
I am not a real person. I am an outer shell, wrapped in a mind that wants to be seperate. I am skin, and fat, and blood, and dust. 
Dear Mirro
We never really knew what it meantto be beautifulbecause they never showed ushow we were beautifulThey always told you could do your hair bettersmile biggernicer clotheschange change change
I'm bad for you in every possible way
When I look in the mirror What do I see? I see my future, past and present I can see the pain of the girl who was a loser The girl that was picked last to be on teams
I was pretty once When I was sixteen or Seventeen maybe Or somewhere between:  
Four years ago I saw a girl I didn't think she was very pretty Her face wasn't too bad She had sparkly eyes with long eyelashes Almost pretty
A question that I often wonder Fills my mind while the quiet world sleeps. It seems to pull my sanity asunder, And the better part of my brain it always reaps.
For a long time I changed myselfBecause I never gave myself the Time and opportunity the ability to Understand myself
i dream of happier days:before the cell phone,her now-constant companion.before computers, iPods.before she caredabout how she looks.about fitting in,conforming.back when a night light 
Truth behold, I'm a queen. So fucking royal, I got Satan warming my seats. So, you better have money for this boss. Cuz I'm Jack the Ripper motherfucker. My blade has frost. I'm killing Santa Clause
I'm too awesome. You already know. I keep my wrist frosty, Like a snow globe. In Jesus name. So, I'm not sinning. I'm a good girl. So, I keep on winning.
Look into my eyes. I want you to see, sweet angel, That it's okay, Not to be okay.   I know you are sad, broken. I am too.   I want you to smile, Because you are perfect.
Doormat.    For others to wipe their feet on, and enter, clean, into new oppurtunity, new space to grow and explore and fill and freedom of dominance   Doormat.  
She cant help but to feel,  every eye slithering up her spine as she slowly takes her seat in the back row, giggles cause her to put her head down, water floods the desk an begins to drip slowly
  Her electric soul, her aching soul is scared and shines a cowardly light. They call her humble, humble and divine. Who wouldn’t love a girl with skin so fine?
High school, a melting pot for social cliques. The lunchroom is in a simple layout. Jocks on the left, nerds in the middle, and everyone else dispersed in the nearest seat.
You try to change me. you can't stand the way I look, the choices I make, the choices i've made, the friends i have, and you judge the slightest move i make. You can't handle the way I age.
As she lies in bed, another body hovers over her being. A grown man thrusting his hips into what we'll call her pelvis is all she's been seeing. I know mommy's proud now...right?
Anger is pointless Anger can thrill Anger is useless  Anger can kill   Anger is consuming Consuming like hate Consuming your soul Consuming your fate   Stay calm and breathe
I write because I can be happy I write because I can be free Writing helps me express unwanted & hidden feelings Writing is what showcases ME
They always has an opinion formulating what's wrong or right They utter words that damage hearts destroy dreams and alter lives
Is a girl worth so much more rather than what she holds between her thighs? In her mind, she asks what she’s really worth When no one takes her for who she is. Scared that no one will like her for who she is.
Self esteem SELF RESPECT   Feeling good about yourself, image and all. Having RESPECT for yourself, body and all.   Standing in the mirror, pleased with what you see.
  Appearing in the reflection of lights, Mystical and quiet, with sea deep eyes, Her form changing day and night, The creature I see who brings me fright.  
Waking up, I hope that today will be a good day.A good body image day that is. I make my way to the bathroom.First thing I make eye contact with is my biggest enemy: My mirror.
No is to yes As silence is to aquiesce I told you no But yes ripped through my body like a thousand hammers bearing down on my will power Your eyes insisted as my body resisted
A poet wears no badge, nor hat with "literate" scrawled across it, nor x-ray glasses with which to examine all inequities in every passerby passing by   A poet wears a mask,
You know the little girl who rode bikes all day ? The one who didn't have a care ? You remember her back in 99? She wasn't the prettiest but she was bright ? You didn't quite thinking it then..
I just wanted closure I wanted to start a new chapter I longed for the day I could move on And let go of the one person I was chasing after I cried oceans of tears at night
The struggle and pain is real and pure. Living a life you never wanted to live And also enduring the pain that it brought. Everyday that should be a bright and sunny day, Is dark and full of misery.
Shoutout to the people who are always themselves, who stay true to orginality not caring who else,  is paying attention to way the look or the way they act,  and like having a life thats not staying on one simple track,
To degrade self esteem Of a human soul Can degrade life itself Depression takes its toll For the weak Don't feel complete Until withering Has reached its peak Utter despair strikes
To degrade self esteem Of a human soul Can degrade life itself Depression takes its toll For the weak Don't feel complete Until withering Has reached its peak Utter despair strikes
This book will bleed no blood Only the shrieks of my inner ambition and concept Raw vision. I am a conceptualist and a realist with a superficial story behind my self esteem.
You say I lie I clearly can't remember Everyone forgets about me in December Friends quickly turn into enemies toward me No one seems to be talking about anything but me In a cruel way nothing but hidden laughs
Do you believe that im telling you the truth? Do you trust that i would never try to hurt you? Do you think that i left you to be mean? Do you ever wonder what life could have been like if you didnt do that?
Why try? Why care? Why love? Nothing ends happily. The world is dark And painful And you're all alone. No one wants you. No one wants to see you. Other things are more important.
As the lights go out Our minds begin to render thoughts and things we pushed back. Back to the depths of what we fear. Fear of the times we dare not share,
If I caught a glimpse of beauty there, it was in the plastic waistlines of perfect posing bodies, headless, yet still all I aspired-- still more desirable than I could ever wish to be.
I forget everything You say to me All because I know It means nothing Absolutely nothing All because you Habitually tell me lies I fail to believe you Because of your stories
Sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me, My teachers, my friends, and even my family. I go to school feeling lonely and ugly. One minutes I feel happy, then suddenly, I feel depressed and thoroughly,
The sun, clouds, moon and stars Represent what you are to me Amazing, powerful, compassionate, a friend Describes how I see you
We never truly see ourselves; Only reflections or images. Perhaps that is why we rely On others’ opinions of our looks. If we truly saw, I wonder if our thoughts would change.
Skipping rocks on a still pond not knowing the depths or how long as it breaks the cool surface it sinks into a rink of uncertain getting knocked down wave after wave
Take off your glasses Before another second passes Exchange them for rose colored lens The world proably bends from negativey to creativy I bet you gained a different perspective
Born looking “white” Grew up looking “bright” Born to be a gift Grew up on feelings I could not lift Born to be beautiful Grew up to be judgmental
I wanna be the bitch in the media. I wanna be shallow and have power I wanna have the power to tell girls they’re inadequate I wanna fuck up self esteems, hurt feelings, kill dreams
He stares right through me The feeling of consumption surrounds my air I can see his eyes, solid black with no conscience He seeks me for his own gain To trash what he see's in front of him
From the top of your head to the soles of your feet Baby girl you are beautiful and this you should believe Don't be confined by the lies of yesterday, look forward to tomorrow, and be glad you made it to today.
No way out ,I'm trapped Can breathe can move I'm under attack Dark, lonely don't nobody love me Or atleast that's what I thought I was a prisoner Crying save me from me
I've got nothing left to say I'm all out of words that have never been spoken before. my creative juices are all dried out and my brain wants to take a nice long, luxurious rest. I'm just so tired.
I know how it feels, To wake up in the morning and not know the deal. Wondering if your dreams will ever come true, Or if all your efforts will just fall through Fall through the cracks on the path of reality,
I want to be beautiful, she said. Then they'll love me. The ones who pulled my hair, Tugged at my hand-me-downs, Tore open the wounds made fresh, day after day.
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