Fitting In

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 01:20 -- munoz62


 Fitting In.

Well what does that mean?

There are many meanings.

To relate just wonder,

but don't blunder.

You want to be part of a group

Have friends to relate too.

Yes its hard to find the right ones

but one can give up

because throughout life, growing up you meet many new people.

You just find the ones you can relate with and feel comfortable with.

Don't try to be like the others because that is not you.

Be a leader be yourself, be someone that inspires that siblings can look up too.

No you don't have to be a Superhero. 

Just be yourself 

Express yourself your thoughts

and make the world a wonderful place

because everyone is different and being differents

fine because you are true to yourself and the rest.

This piece of advice can be taken good or wrong.

Just remeber express yourself and most importantly,

Be happy.



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