Self Esteem

Self esteem



Feeling good about yourself, image and all.

Having RESPECT for yourself, body and all.


Standing in the mirror, pleased with what you see.

Looking back at your actions and like who you BE.


Dressed to impress and show off your assets.

Clothed with DIGNITY and head held high.


Do it by yourself, never ask for help.

Can’t do it alone, ASKING someone FOR HELP.


Not caring about what others say about you.

Taking RESPONSIBILITY of all the things you do.


Putting others down to bring it up.

Bringing OTHERS up to show you have it.


Being someone else to fit in.

Being yourself to STAND OUT.


Cheating and receiving an A on a test.

Studying hard, knowing you DID YOUR BEST.


Following the crowd.

Doing what is RIGHT.


I have lacked self esteem,

Therefore lack SELF RESPECT.


I have had an abundance of self esteem,

But possessed little SELF RESPECT.


I have learned that self esteem,

Is not the same as SELF RESPECT.


Self esteem ≠ SELF RESPECT

SELF RESPECT > Self esteem


However, having SELF RESPECT,

Means you have self esteem.



People can affect your self esteem,

NO ONE can affect your SELF RESPECT.


Self esteem is having the SELF RESPECT

To accept who you are and strive to be better.


Self esteem plays a role in life,

When SELF RESPECT should be more important.



self esteem


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