For women needing empowerment

Momma said when it comes to my subject matter
Always speak the truth on real subjects that really matter 
When I'd be in pain she'd always ask baby what's the matter
Then she'd go and fix it but then preach mind over matter
Times I feel like Stevie all I can do is wonder 
About my mother cause I can't ever see how she does wonders
Sometimes I wonder how she overcame all the pain that had came knowing that my dad was shot in the brain 
I had a hatred for men that my momma dated 
She's a diamond in the rough to point out that she isn't jaded
Saddest thing I mimicked the men that I despised
Momma said cater girls needs&dont cook up lies
Once again I gotta state that my mom is strong 
Always been in tune when her life has sung a different song
Hardest thing in life to do is be a single mom
So many hold it down when the man they loved is truly gone
But this is also for the girls
Who truly deserve the world
Who are all across the globe and hearts have really burned
Smart, funny, bold, classy,&beautiful
That really loved a man but the feeling wasn't mutual
Thinking to yourself about what you coulda done wrong
But you don't let him see you hurt you put your mask on
See it's hard for a woman in our world now a days
Cause you ain't considered pretty if you bigger than models on the front page
Once again I say it's hard for a woman in our world now a days
Cause you're not considered pretty if you're bigger than models on the front page
Look in the mirror then you feel so inferior 
Cause you don't look like the models so you think everyone's prettier
Ladies it's okay you ain't the size of the models
Every Bentley is pretty despite the make or the model
Youve held a lot of value since the day of your birth
Don't let a man or society try an determine your worth 


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