The Almighty God


At my high school, I was a guy that everybody knew. 

Everybody would dap me up and say "That Boy Rube." 

They could easliy point me out by the waves in my hair and the color of my shoes. 

But deep down I'm not the same Rube that is seen through the eyes of you. 

I have goals, priorities, and deadlines to meet. 

And if I come up short, it's going to be a terrible defeat.

I'll fail and stay in the same city that I no longer want to see. 

With nothing going on but hustling on the streets. 

I'm different around my friends because I don't want them to know. 

I don't want them to know how bad my story may possibly go. 

Because to be honest I don't have a lot of time. 

Like Kanye said, "We're just racing time. Where's the finish line?" 

But yet I still stand hungry for an answer. 

Like a woman longing to be cured from breast cancer. 

There is also another thing that I must think about.  

While driving my car, even sitting in my house. 

He knows all, but is quieter than a mouse. 

The Almighty God, creator of the world inside and out.

He knows my story and he knows my pain. 

I always look to him through sunshine and rain.

Just when we think that we're about to go insane. 

He comes through in the clutch like a play to win the game. 

He knows all about us, and we must trust him so. 

When will he calls us home? We'll never know. 

I want you to remember this and then I'll go. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!



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