I'm Leaving Today


I'm bad for you in every possible way
I can't watch myself drag you down
I'm leaving today
Because I can't stand to see you frown

I'm sorry for everything 
There's nothing I can do
But still I can't watch you go
But can you watch me leave?

You weren't my first but surely you were my best
You've taken my heart and passed its every test
But I'm scared to watch us go on

And I can't forgot those nights
Where I'd stay up til morning light
Just thinking about you, about me, and about us

You're innocent, so pure
And here I am tainted and broken without a cure
You may be what I want but I can't be want you need
And I don't want to stay to watch our love pour out and bleed

So I'm saying my final goodbye
A goodbye you'll never hear
Believe this when I die
I am leaving today but Ive never stopped loving you my dear


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