This World is Blind to Beauty


I will like me
Even though for years
But for what felt more like
A millennium
I thought I was a mistake
Because of the jokes they made
About the unchangeable things

But I am a painting
Of colors and shapes
That was once a sketch
And the outlines
Of my figure
Are not perfectly drawn

There were faults
When I was first traced
And they were never erased
Or corrected
Because they made me

So now I am me
Faults and defects and all
Though I live in a world
Full of egotistical assessors
That try to cut me down
To boost that ego higher

But I am still standing
After being knocked down
More times than I can count
And I will continue
To love the mistakes
That compose me

So yes, I like me
My deepest apologies
If you don’t agree
I may not fit what’s right
In your eyes
But I do in mine


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