If Only You Knew

If only you knew the lengths I would go to be able to tell you how much I love you.
Or the amount of pain I would endure to spend another night falling asleep in your arms.
The same arms that protect me from not only the rest of the world but, myself too.
You somehow managed to heal a lifetime of broken hearts and years of self-inflicted harm.

I promise to fight off every torn memory, every broken heart and all the hurt that haunts your dreams and make sure that if ever you find yourself lost in thoughts, that it only be on the future and not the past that still seems to taunt you.
But if I somehow fail to block every chaos and misfortune from your past just know,
I will sail across the raging sea of pins and needle that you call a mind, on a ship made out of patched cloth, so that at least, by time I reach you i will have sewn us a quilt to keep us warm on the walk home to sanity.
Of course home for me is in your arms. Or wherever you are or wish to be.,
I will follow you wherever you go because, you are somehow a part of me.
But please never choose be apart from me.

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