What I Wish They Saw

What they see is merely the reciprocal of reality; wretched bodies tainted by calloused flaws.

They overlook the constellations in their pores and only acknowledge the darkness inbetween.

Deformed mirrors reflect images obstructed by scarring whispers.

They see abused trash being put on display.


But you are so much larger than you think you are.

The rippling muscles of your heart encompass the frail frames of others.

The fat in your cheeks surround the most precious of smiles.

Fireworks dance in your eyes.

You are a resplendent soul stuck in a vessel

Exploding with wonderment.


The only thing that's as disgusting as you think you are,

Is whatever made you think that way,

I wish I could trade your eyes for my own

So that you could finally see;

We're all perfect examples of imperfection.


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