It starts with me.


I am a flower. I am beautiful an strong but when I was a seed, I never thought I would've grown to be as tall or smell as sweet as the other flowers. I was planted just like the others but the sun forgot to nurture me and the rain never quite hit where it would seep into my stem and help me when I needed it most but I didn't let that stop me. Instead, I nurtured myself. Found out where the sun shined most, and the rain kept the ground moist. I uprooted myself from the ground where I knew I would never thrive and rebuilt myself starting with my thick roots and my wilting stem. Once I began to love myself, no force was strong enough to make me go back to resembling another weed in the pavement. As a seedling, I dreamed that someone would come along and pluck me from my misery and raise me like the rose that I was meant to be but I realized that flowers can only thrive when they have the basic components that they need. I realized the only thing that I needed was love for myself and once I achieved that, everything else would fall into place. 


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